Write an exam with DigiExam (Windows)

Don't have the DigiExam client installed on your computer yet?
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Open the DigiExam client and fill in your credentials (see figure 1).

  • First Name: your first/given name
  • Last Name: your last name/surname
  • Student Code: is decided by your school, ask your teacher/exam supervisor about your student code if you aren't sure what it is.
  • E-mail address: could be either your private or school e-mail adress, ask your teacher/exam supervisor which one to use if you aren't sure which one to use.
  • Confirm e-mail address: fill in your e-mail address again

Figure 1

Planned exams

You only need to fill in your credentials and DigiExam will find the exams you are eligible to take. If no exam is visible when you start the DigiExam client, try clicking on the "Refresh exams" button (see figure 2) to refresh the exams.

Open exams

You'll need an "Exam ID" to find an open exam. Your teacher/exam supervisor will provide you with the "Exam ID" if you are writing an open exam.

Fill in the Exam ID in the text box under the heading "Exam ID" and the click on the "Get open exam" button to find the exam (see figure 2).

Figure 2

Start exam

Click on the exam you wish to start in column "2. Choose exam".
Start the exam by clicking on the "Start exam" button in column "3. Accept exam" (see figure 3).

Figure 3

You will now enter the exam veiw where you will find the exam questions. Here is a description of the examination veiw (see figure 4):

  1. Clock
  2. Battery indicator
  3. Increase/decrease text size
  4. Student data
  5. Example of how a text question with soft cap can look
  6. Example of how a single choice question can look
  7. Example of how a multiple choice question can look
  8. The "Hand in exam" button is used to hand in the exam and exit the DigiExam client

Figure 4

Hand in exam

When you are ready to hand in your exam, press the "Hand in exam" button in the bottom right corner to hand in the exam and exit the application.

When you press the "Hand in exam" button you will be asked twice if you want to hand in your exam (see figure 5 and 6). This is a safety precaution made to prevent an accidental hand in of an exam.

Figure 5

Figure 6

After you've pressed "OK" on the two pop-up boxes the exam is handed in which is confirmed by a last pop-up box that says "Exam is finished" (see figure 7).

Figure 7

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