4. Grade exam

After you push the "End exam" button the exam will no longer be active.  Once you end an exam, students will only be able to hand in answers through an offline answer file.

You can now start grading your exam, which can be found under the "Ungraded exams" heading in the home view (see figure 1). You can also find the exam under "Ungraded exams" in the open view or planned exams view depending on if it was an open or planned exam.

Figure 1

Click on the ungraded exam and you will see the grading overview (see figure 2). Now click on "Start grading" (or "Continue grading") to proceed to the grading view.

Figure 2

Grading view

In the grading view, you can choose to grade by question or by student depending on how you use the student and question menu on the right-hand side (see figure 3). The question and the student you are currently viewing is highlighted in blue.

Figure 3

Annotations and feedback

You can provide students with feedback by writing annotations directly in the text and/or through general feedback in the text box labeled "teachers feedback to the student" (see figure 4).

  1. Annotations - Highlight a part of the student's answer with your mouse pointer and the annotation box will appear. You can now comment and give points to the highlighted text, which will be summarized under the "Annotation summary heading". You can use the annotations tool multiple times per answer.
  2. Summarize your feedback for the whole question in the text box under the heading "Teachers feedback to the student".
  3. It's mandatory to give a score/points on the question if you are using score based grading. It's possible to set points from zero to the max number of points allowed for the question.

Figure 4

When all questions have been graded you need to set a final result on the exam. Go to the final result to see an overview of the graded questions in the exam (see figure 5).

  1. You can leave a final comment for the student that summarizes the whole exam.
  2. Setting a final result is mandatory on score based exams. Click on the box next to the "Automatic copy of total sum" if you want to copy the total sum of the graded exam to the final result. You can also give a letter grade if you don't want to use numbers.

Figure 5

Press "Back" at the top left corner in the grading view when you are done grading to get back to the grading overview.

Click here to move on to step 5 "Publish exam"

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